The following is a sample four year plan outlining only the required courses for the prescribed major and does not include electives, minors, certificates, etc which can be added upon advisement.

Freshman Year

ENG 101 Writing: Logic and Rhetoric
TRS 201 Foundations in Theology I: Scripture and Jesus Christ
PHIL 201 The Classical Mind
PHIL 202 The Modern Mind
MUS 121 Ear Training and Sight Singing I
MUS 122 Ear Training and Sight Singing II
MUS 123 Harmony I
MUS 124 Harmony II
MUS 183 Class Piano I
MUS 184 Class Piano II
MUS ___ Music Ensemble
MUPI 4XX Private Instruction

Sophomore Year

ENG ___ Exploration of Literature Elective
PHIL ___ Philosophy Elective
TRS 202 Foundations in Theology II: The Church and the Human Person
TRS ___ Theology Elective
Elective ___ Academic Elective
MUS 221 Ear Training and Sight Singing III
MUS 222 Ear Training and Sight Singing IV
MUS 223 Harmony III
MUS 224 Harmony IV
MUS 325 History of Music I
MUS 326 History of Music II
MUS ___ Performance Ensemble
MUPI 4XX Private Instruction

Junior Year

Foundations of History or Political Theory
Intermediate Language Course
MATH ___ Math Elective
___ Academic Elective
MUS 321 Form and Analysis I
MUS 327 History of Music III
MUPI 4XX Private Instruction

Senior Year

___ Academic Elective (Science)
Foundations in Social Science
___ 6 Academic Electives
MUS 499 Senior Solo Recital (60 Minutes)
MUS ___ Performing Organization
MUPI 4XX Private Instruction

The above plan is a sample arrangement of required classes and should not be used as an official degree audit.  Students will meet with their major advisor to plan out a custom path that meets their needs and allows them to study various electives of interest.