Students may audition for this program only if they qualify for three-credit lessons (MUPI 169) at the start of the first year and register for MUPI 169 during both semesters of the first year. In addition to eight semesters each of performing organization and MUPI 169, graduation requirements include a one-hour senior solo recital (MUS 499).

At the conclusion of the fourth semester of study, students will perform a jury for the appropriate applied faculty, who in consultation with the academic adviser will determine whether the student is permitted to continue in the performance major. In questionable cases, the adviser is permitted to recommend that the decision be delayed for a maximum of one additional semester, in order to evaluate further the student's progress; this recommendation is subject to the approval of the dean of the Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art. Students who do not pass the jury may continue in the music and liberal arts track or apply for another major within the Bachelor of Arts program (with the understanding that choosing another major may lengthen the amount of time to complete the degree).

With permission of the chair of the Departments of Music, students may choose to fulfill humanities distribution requirements with required courses in music theory or music history, thereby allowing them to take more free electives.

Music elective credits, when used as substitutes for music course credits, may be satisfied by either MUS or MUPI. In order for MUPI credits to count toward the degree, a jury is required.