This nondegree program, approved by NCATE and NASDTEC, was originally designed to meet the needs of those who hold a bachelor's degree in music and who wish to be certified to teach music in the elementary or secondary school. This program is available also, however, to undergraduate students who wish to pursue music education certification simultaneously with the completion of a Bachelor of Music degree in a field other than music education.

Graduate students may complete this program entirely on a nondegree basis, as a means of obtaining certification without the additional requirements associated with a master's degree, or they may pursue this program in conjunction with a master's degree.

Students who wish to pursue the latter option must successfully complete the admission and curriculum requirements listed below, plus all admission and curriculum requirements in their specific master's degree program. For students pursuing a master's degree, graduate-level courses taken as part of this Music Teacher Education Program may, with the approval of the adviser and dean, be accepted as electives.

In addition to meeting the general requirements for admission as a graduate nondegree student, a graduate student who wishes to pursue this program must successfully complete the following additional entrance requirements:

  1. a 10- minute proficiency audition on the student's major instrument (or voice) prior to admission;
  2. a music theory placement examination and a music history placement examination prior to first enrollment for courses*;
  3. a keyboard proficiency examination; and
  4. the Pre-Professional Skills Test, which must be passed before the student can enroll in MUS 451, 452, 458, or 462. A thorough review of the student's transcript(s) will be made. Based upon the transcript review and the results of the audition and the proficiency and placement examinations, required prerequisite study may be assigned by the adviser if necessary.

*If the results of these examinations indicate areas of deficiency, the student must remove these deficiencies by taking specified graduate review or undergraduate courses.

How to Apply:

Current music students should contact Dr. Sharyn Battersby, head of the Music Education Division, for an appointment. Her email is Students not currently admitted to the Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art should also contact Dr. Battersby as well as the University Admission office and request admission as a non-degree student.