The Latin American Center for Graduate Studies in Music (LAMC) was created to promote the study, research and performance of Ibero-American music. This includes the compilation of a complete and specialized library of scores, books, and recordings of Ibero-American music and fostering the exchange of students, scholars, performers, composers, musicologists, and music educators between Ibero-American countries, North America, and the Caribbean region.

Through the Center, musicians from the Americas come together with the essence of their own cultures to investigate, exchange, develop, perfect, and promulgate their musical knowledge and gifts as a means of better understanding one another through mutual respect of the peoples and arts of our hemisphere.

The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, in full cooperation with the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Music Council, founded the Center in 1984, to offer graduate degrees in the full range of music studies with concentrations in Latin American music.

The LAMC has developed and enlarged a Visiting Professorship Program by accepting scholars and professors from the Americas and Spain to research and offer lectures and performances.

The Catholic University of America has established cooperative agreements with Universidad Austral of Buenos Aires and with the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

Podcast with the Director

Naxos en Español in conversation with Director Professor Gustavo Ahualli
"Past, Present and Future of the Latin American Music Center" (in Spanish)
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Latin GRAMMY Grant

In February 2023, the Latin American Music Center at The Catholic University of America was awarded a grant for the second consecutive year from the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation® through their Research and Preservation Grant program. This grant funds the project titled “The Continuation of Archiving, Cataloging, and Preserving the Comprehensive Inventory of the Latin American Music Center at The Catholic University of America.” This project contributes to the efforts of the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation in furthering awareness and appreciation for the significant contributions that Latin American artists and musicians have made to our world’s culture. This award serves as an important symbol of recognition and support for continuing the LAMC’s long-term goal of cataloging and preserving our unique Collection to meet the technological needs and standards of the XXI century while making our resources available and accessible to our university and the global academic community.

Final Report to the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation.