As music educators devoted to their craft, the main focus of our faculty members is inspiring confidence in students’ abilities to create, perform, and appreciate musical and artistic works.

Throughout their time in the music departments of the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art, and with the support of professorial staff, students find their musical niches and grow into professional performers, scholars, educators, conductors, and composers. Our faculty members encourage students to perform in featured roles, host premieres, and take on lead management roles in their musical endeavors and future careers.

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    Faculty Profiles

    Our faculty, with lifelong careers of studying and producing beautiful music, is invested in fostering your talent and instilling the confidence in you to become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being.

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    Areas of Research

    Faculty in the Departments of Music engage in a variety of research.

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The Importance of a Musical Conductor

Maestro Simeone Tartaglione, clinical assistant professor, orchestral conducting, gave a TEDx talk about what it means to be an orchestral conductor. He discusses how the conductor is the catalyst for the extraordinary energy that a live performance generates, and his journey to becoming that catalyst.