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Incoming Graduate Students Placement Exam Schedule

  • Exam Date, January 6, 2018
    • MUSIC HISTORY Exam 10am to 12pm
    • MUSIC THEORY Exam 1pm to 3pm
  • All incoming graduate students must take the Music History Placement Exam and the Music Theory Placement Exam, as well as attend the Music School Orientation Meeting from 3:15--4PM on the same day. Incoming graduate students should consult the above links regarding the contents of these exams.l
  • For general univeristy info, please visit
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Current Undergraduate Students

Piano Proficiency Requirements:

Current Graduate Students

Comprehensive Exam Schedule:

  • Fall 2017: October 19-20
  • Spring 2018: March 15-16
  • Summer 2018: July 12-13

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Additional Music Fees

Some MUS and all MUPI courses require payment of an additional fee, including recitals. (Scroll down to see MUPI and MUS)

Additional fees also apply for locker and/or practice room rentals. These fees will not be billed to the university account, and are paid to the School of Music.

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