1. When to Submit a Recital Request

A. Requests to schedule Recitals and Dress Rehearsals must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance. 

  • First day to submit requests for Fall 2023 recitals is 9/14/2023.
  • Last day to submit requests for Fall 2023 recitals is 11/18/2023.
  • First day to submit requests for Spring 2024 recitals is 11/27/2023
  • Last day to submit requests for Spring 2024 recitals is 4/6/2024.
B. Exceptions may be made only for DMA candidates scheduling their Final/90 Day Recital.

2. Ward Recital Hall Availability

A. Dress Rehearsals may be scheduled from: 10:00am-5:00pm on Mon/Tues/Weds/Fri, and 12:00pm-5:00pm on Thurs. 

  • A maximum of 90min. will be given as Dress Rehearsal time in the Recital Hall. 
  • This time must be scheduled with music-recitals@cua.edu at least two weeks in advance, and availability cannot be guaranteed. 

B. Recitals can be scheduled any day of the week, with the exception of university-observed holidays, reading days, and days off designated by the president’s office.

C. The following programs have designated time slots during which to schedule their recitals:

  • DMA Orchestral Instruments: Wednesdays 1:45 PM, 3:15 PM (max 75 minutes)
  • DMA Piano: Thursdays 6 PM, 8 PM (max 90 minutes)
  • Musical Theatre recital slots are pre-assigned by the Head of Musical Theatre.For Music Theatre Recitals a separate list of Guidelines exists here.

3. How to Schedule a Recital

    A. Recitals can only be scheduled via the Recital Request Form below. No recitals will be scheduled via email, phone call, or office hours.
    B. Recitals will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
    C. All recital requests must be pre-approved by your instructor before submitting a request.
    D. All students must be registered for a recital course before submitting a formal request for a degree recital.
    E. Failure to request a date 3 weeks in advance may result in not securing a date.
    F. A follow-up email to a Recital Request Form submission will be sent within 3 – 5 business days. 

4. Cancellation/Reschedule of Recital

    A. All recital cancellation & reschedule requests must be made to music-recitals@cua.edu, with your instructor included on the correspondence. Requests made without your instructor’s approval will not be considered.

    B. There is no guarantee that a recital can be rescheduled in the same semester. The guidelines for rescheduling a recital are subject to the same timeline restrictions as scheduling any recital.

    C. If the university shuts down due to inclement weather/other conditions all recitals and scheduled rehearsals are cancelled. The Production Office will work with you to reschedule your recital as soon as possible as availability allows. Please note that all recitals and rehearsals remain as scheduled unless an official decision to close has been declared by the university.

5. Programs, and Equipment Usage

A. Programs

  • All questions regarding programs, and equipment use should be directed to music-recitals@cua.edu.
  • Programs must be submitted to music-recitals@cua.edu no later than two weeks before the scheduled recital. Failure to do so may result in the absence of a program at the recital. Your program information must be approved by your instructor prior to submission.
  • Please use the Rome School Recital Program Style Guide to submit your program information in the correct format. Your program information should be submitted in full, in a Microsoft Word or Google Doc format. No PDFs or text in the body of an email will be accepted. 
  • A draft of your program will be sent back for proofreading and approval. The Production Office is not responsible for an incorrect program that has been approved.
  • 35 copies of each program will be supplied by the Production Office. Translations and other information must be supplied by the student.
  • Programs are printed 1-2 days prior to the recital and may not be able to be re-printed closer to the recital date.
B. Equipment Usage
  • Ward Recital Hall is equipped with two concert grand pianos (certain restrictions apply to non-piano majors), 6 music stands, and 6 performance chairs.
  • If any additional technical equipment is required (specifically for Lecture Recitals) you must make the Production Office aware at the time of scheduling.  Equipment is shared throughout all aspects of the Rome School and needs to be scheduled in advance.
  • Additional chairs and music stands should be requested at the time of scheduling. 
  • Any additional instruments or equipment required for the recital are to be brought by the student and removed immediately following the end of the recital.  Any equipment, belongings, or trash left in the hall will be discarded immediately and the student may incur a fee. If any property of the Rome School or university is left in the hall following a recital, the student may incur additional fees to be determined by the Production Manager and other staff.
6. Access to Ward Recital Hall and Reception

    A. On the day of your rehearsal, please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled slot.  A staff member from the Production Office will unlock the hall for you and assist with setup.

    B. On the day of your recital, you will have one student stage manager who will arrive 30 minutes before your recital to open the hall and assist in setup.  The stage manager will set out your programs and communicate with you about opening doors to the public.

    C. Following rehearsal and recitals, we ask that you exit the hall quickly so that the stage manager can restore and/or shut down the space.

    D. The Production Office is not responsible for scheduling or supplying materials for post-recital events. All equipment set up and clean-up is the responsibility of the student. 
  • The upper and lower lobbies of Ward are public spaces that cannot be reserved, but you are welcome to have a reception in these spaces.
  • You can request tables and tablecloths from the University Facilities offices using the following link. https://facilities.catholic.edu/fmo/requests.html 
  • Please note that all facilities events requests must be submitted three weeks in advance. Do not request tables from the main office in Ward Hall.
  • Tables from classrooms or Production storage are not permitted to be used as reception tables. 

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