1. When to Schedule a Recital
    1. Recitals must be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. 
      1. Last day to schedule for Fall semester will be 11/13/2020.
      2. First day to schedule for Spring will be 11/16/2020
      3. Last day to schedule for Spring will be 4/2/2021.
    2. Exceptions may be made only for DMA candidates scheduling their Final/90 Day Recital.
  2. How to schedule a Recital
    1. All recitals in the Fall 2020 semester will be submitted virtually. There will be no in person recitals. 
    2. Recitals can only be scheduled via the Recital Request Form.  No recitals will be scheduled via e-mail, phone call, or office hours.
    3. Please confirm your recital submission date & time with your instructor before submitting a request. All recital requests must be pre-approved by your instructor before submitting a formal request.
    4. All students must be registered for a recital course before submitting a formal request for a degree recital.
    5. Failure to secure a date 4 weeks in advance may result in not securing a date.
    6. A follow-up email to a formal request for a recital will be sent within 3 – 5 business days.  
  3. Recital Google Drive and Programs
    1. All questions regarding your recital google drive and program should be directed to music-recitals@cua.edu.
    2. Recital Google Drive
      1. Upon confirming a recital date & time, you will receive a google calendar invitation for your recital. The calendar invitation will also include a link to your recital google drive folder. 
      2. Your recital google drive will be shared with you, your instructor, your area head, and any faculty on your hearing/grading panel.
      3. Your recital video should be uploaded to your recital google drive on or before the scheduled recital date. 
    3. Programs 
      1. Programs must be submitted to music-recitals@cua.edu no later than three weeks before the scheduled recital. Your program information must be approved by your instructor prior to submission to the Production Office.
      2. Please use the Rome School Recital Program Style Guide to submit your program information in the correct format. Your program information should be submitted in full, in a Microsoft Word or Google Doc format. No PDFs or text in a body of an email will be accepted. 
      3. A draft of your program will be sent back for proofreading and approval by student and instructor.  Production Office is not responsible for an incorrect program that has been approved.
      4. A copy of your program will be uploaded to your recital google drive folder. Translations and other information must be supplied by the student.

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