All students taking lessons for credit (music or non-music students who are counting voice credits toward their degree) must take a jury at the end of each semester. A student giving a junior or senior recital at mid-semester or later is not required to take the end-of-semester jury. For more information of recitals and hearings please visit:

General Guidelines

  • Songs and monologues heard in any previous jury or recital should not be used in subsequent juries or recital programs.
  • You must always have 1 song that is 1959 or earlier
  • No more than 2 songs from the same show/composer)
  • Songs should not typically exceed 3 minutes in length, monologues should not exceed 2 minutes in length, and duet/scenes should not exceed 6 minutes in length; please cut down your material if it is too long.
  • Students are expected to dress in appropriate audition attire for their juries.
  • Missing your scheduled Jury time is like missing a final exam.  It will be up to the discretion of the committee whether or not they will allow you to reschedule the jury.  You are not permitted to switch jury times after the sheets have been taken down.

Class Specific Guidelines

Freshmen: Please Prepare 4 songs

Fall Jury: One song will be selected by the faculty in the jury and your showcase song selection will be evaluated as your second song.

Spring Jury: One song will be selected by the faculty in the jury and your showcase monologue will be evaluated as your dramatic text.

Sophomores: Please Prepare 5 songs, 2 monologues

Fall Jury: You will select one song and the faculty will select the other song and a monologue.

Spring Jury: The faculty will select a song and a monologue and your showcase duet/trio will be evaluated as your second song.

Juniors: Please Prepare 4 songs, and a duet/scene (you may also prepare a trio)             

Fall Jury: None

Spring Jury: You will perform your duet/scene and the faculty may request a song.

Seniors: Do Not Have Juries