Audition Policy

All full-time Musical Theatre students who are in residence are required to audition for each main-stage musical production that is announced as part of the regular season in the department of music performance.  The Musical Theatre faculty believe that the audition process is integral to the training of professional performers; thus, it is important for the faculty to be able to evaluate student’s strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. Students who are pre-assigned as production staff for a particular show or have been approved for conflicting off campus work (by completing the “Off-Campus Engagement Worksheet”) are exempt from audition. Any student wishing to be exempted from auditions for any other reason must email a request to the current chair of Musical Theatre to be considered for exemption. Any student who fails to attend main-stage auditions and fails to receive permission to miss the audition, forfeits their ability to be considered for any other School of Music, Drama, and Art main-stage production and/or secondary production, for the missed semester and well as the following fall/spring semester. Additionally, students who miss two or more main-stage auditions may forfeit their ability to participate in Senior Showcase and may jeopardize their scholarship(s).

Role Acceptance Policy

Every musical theatre major who auditions for a main-stage musical production agrees to perform as cast. Any student wishing to appeal a casting decision must write to the Musical Theatre Academic Area Chair within 24 hours of casting being posted with the reasons why the student is unable to fulfill the role. Any student who fails to follow these guidelines for accepting a role is subject to the same repercussions as if the student had not auditioned for a main-stage production.