The Theory Evaluation Test (TET) is a one-hour online examination which all entering freshmen must take prior to their first semester as a major in the School of Music. The purpose of the TET is to assess the level of incoming students' theory knowledge in order to place them in Fundamentals of Music Theory (MUS 101, offered in the spring term), or Harmony I (MUS 123)/Ear Training Sight Singing I (MUS 121), offered in the fall or summer.  The TET tests proficiency in several areas, including:

  • Pitch names in bass and treble clefs
  • Key signatures
  • Major and minor scales
  • Intervals
  • Triads in root position and inversion
  • 7th chords
  • Rhythm and meter

The TET has 30 questions and a range of response formats: multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching.

The TET may be taken only once, and may not be repeated.  Students who do not take the TET are automatically placed in Fundamentals of Music Theory.

The Theory Entrance Test is offered online over the summer (instructions for taking the online test are sent to incoming students in the late-spring).

Please note that students who are placed in Fundamentals of Music Theory as a result of their performance on the TET or by their choice will begin the four-semester harmony and ear training sequence in the second year (or in the summer following the first year).  This delayed start may, in some cases, result in additional semester(s) being necessary to complete the bachelor's degree.