The Catholic University Musicology Colloquium was instituted in Fall 2005 as an important component of the graduate program in musicology.  At colloquium meetings, students are given the opportunity to meet guest speakers from around the country, who present their recent research and/or discuss important aspects of musicological research and the field of musicology in general.  CUA graduate students also have the opportunity to present their own original research.  Colloquium not only allows students to make important contacts with renowned scholars, but it also introduces them to important aspects of life as a musicologist.  In addition, it helps foster a sense of community among the students and faculty in the Musicology Academic Area.

Colloquium meets on Mondays from 11:10 until noon in Ward Hall, room 139. Click here for an archive of Colloquium meetings from previous years.

Spring 2020

February 3: Dr. Sara Pecknold (The Catholic University of America), "Gaude Virgo: Devotion to the Joys of Mary in Art and Music"

February 24: Matthew Gabay (Ph.D. candidate, The Catholic University of America), "All the Notes That Are Fit to Print: The First Two Centuries of Music Printing"

March 30: Dr. Patrick Tuite (The Catholic University of America), title TBA

April 6: Dr. Marta Robertson (Gettysburg Colege), "The Uncommon 'Gift to Be Simple': Japanese-American Influence in Appalachian Spring"

April 20: Benjamin Shields (B.A. student, The Catholic Universty of America), title TBA

April 27: Thomas Rohde (Ph.D. candidate, The Catholic University of America), title TBA

Fall 2019

September 16: Professor (Fr.) Ignacio Ribera Martin (The Catholic University of America), "Aristotle's View of the Natural World and How We Come to Know It"

September 23: Professor James McCrery (The Catholic University of America), "The Architecture and Acoustics of the Wiener Musikverein" 

October 21: Gretchen Erlichman (Ph.D. student, The Catholic University of America), "The La Clayette Motets: New Perspectives on the Thirteenth-Century Motet and its Use in the Medieval Divine Office in France."

October 28: Fr. Michael O'Connor, O.P. (The Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception), "A Theological Perspective on Present-Day Liturgical Music"

November 4: Professor Guido Olivieri (University of Texas) and Professor Federico Gon (University of Vienna), "Domenico Cimarosa's Il matrimonio segreto: An Opera with Two Premieres"

November 11: Dr. Mark Janello (Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University), "Music Teaching in Neapolitan Conservatories in the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Centuries: The Art of Partimento"

November 18: Natalie Barsoum (Ph.D. student, The Catholic University of America), "Necessity is the Mother of Inventae: Designations and Devotions in the Publication of Natale Monferrato’s Motetti a voce sola, Op. 4."

November 25: Dr. Kurt Poterack (Christendom College), "The Decline of Melody in American Popular Music"

December 2: Dr. Sara Pecknold (The Catholic University of America), "The Merciful Doctor: Primicerio Tiepolo and Devotion to the Blood of Christ in Early Modern Venice"