Summer 2024

    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver publishes the book Narrative and Robert Schumann's Songs: A New Approach to the Romantic Lied (Rochester: University of Rochester Press).


    Spring 2024

    • Several Catholic University alumnae publish essays in the book Leonard Bernstein in Context, ed. Elizabeth A. Wells (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2024). Alicia Kopfstein (Ph.D. 2011) writes an essay on the Young People's Concerts, and Caitlin Miller (M.A./M.S.L.S. 2008) and Janet S. McKinney (M.A./M.S.L.S. 2009) contribute an essay on Bernstein's history and legacy at the Library of Congress.
    • M.A. student Kendall Waters is accepted into the Ph.D. program in musicology at the University of Texas at Austin.
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver receives the Roland Jackson Memorial Grant from the American Musicological Society, to cover costs associated with the publication of his forthcoming book Narrative and Robert Schumann's Songs: A New Approach to the Romantic Lied (University of Rochester Press).
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver gives a presentation at a conference at Rice University in honor of musicologist Anne Schnoebelen, February 17–18. The title of his paper is "The Lives and Afterlives of a Monumental Music Print: The Novus thesaurus musicus from the Sixteenth Century to Today."
    • Alumnus Matthew D. Morrison (M.A. 2008) is promoted to associate professor and granted tenure at New York University.

    Fall 2023

    • Alumni Karen Uslin (Ph.D. 2015) and Lars Helgert (Ph.D. 2008) give presentations at the Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society in Denver, Colorado, November 9–12. Karen participates in a panel discussion titled "Public Scholarship: How We Got Here, Where We’re Going," and Lars presents a paper titled "The Guitar Music of Leopold Meignen: Popular Music Subsidization of Concert Music in Antebellum America."

    Summer 2023

    • Alumnae Janet McKinney (M.A./M.S.L.S. 2009) and Rachel McNellis (B.M. 2012, M.A. 2014), together with Stephanie Akau, publish an article in MLA Notes, vol. 79, no. 4 (June 2023): 495–523. The title of the article is "Preferred Preservation Formats for Digital Music Scores: A Survey of University Music Faculty."  
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver presents a paper at the International Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference in Munich on July 27. The title of his paper is "Political Power and Resistance in a Printed Motet Anthology: Defining the Holy Roman Empire in the Novus thesaurus musicus (1568)."

    Spring 2023

    • Ph.D. candidate Matthew Gabay receives a grant from the Catholic University Graduate Student Association to fund travel to Germany to pursue research on his dissertation, "Music Printing in Nuremberg during the Long Seventeenth Century: The Endter Printing Dynasty."
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver is awarded the Claude V. Palisca Fellowship in Musicology from the Renaissance Society of America, to fund travel to Europe to pursue his research project "The Early Modern Music Print as Multivalent Political Object: European Politics and Habsburg Culture in the Novus thesaurus musicus (1568)."
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver spends a week at Rice University in February as a fellow with their Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program. While at Rice, he examines sixteenth-century partbooks in the university library, gives a workshop to students on February 22 titled "Adventures in Bibliography and the History of the Book, Featuring Fondren Library's Copy of the Novus thesaurus musicus (1568)," and gives a lecture on February 23 titled "Political Power and Resistance in a Music Print: Defining the Holy Roman Empire in the Novus thesaurus musicus (1568)."

    Fall 2022

    • Alumnus Christopher Booth (Ph.D. 2018) publishes the book A Critical Companion to Sofia Coppola (Lanham, MD: Lexington), co-authored with Naaman Wood.

    Summer 2022

    • Alumnus Lars Helgert (Ph.D. 2008) publishes an article in American Music 40, no. 2 (Summer 2022): 14179. The title of the article is “Herrman S. Saroni: Paths to Success as a Composer in New York, 184452.”
    • Alumna Joy-Leilani Garbutt (Ph.D. 2022) publishes an essay in The Routledge Companion to Music and Human Rights, ed. Julian Fifer, Angela Impey, Peter G. Kirchschlaeger, Manfred Nowak, and George Ulrich (London: Routledge, 2022).
    • M.A./M.S.L.S. student Elyse Ridder, together with James Brooks Kuykendal, publishes an article in MLA Notes, vol. 78, no. 4 (June 2022): 501–17. The title of the article is "Pirating Pinafore: Sousa's 1879 Orchestration."
    • Ph.D. candidate Tom Rohde presents a paper at the forty-sixth world conference of the International Council for Traditional Music, held in Lisbon on July 21–27. The title of his paper is "'Rasga o coração' (Tear open my heart): Cultural Adaptation and Recontextualization in the Modinhas of Catullo da Paixão Cearense."

    Spring 2022

    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver receives the Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence from the Rome School.
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver gives a paper at the conference Sounding Habsburg: Sonic Circulations in Central Europe, held in New York City on April 22–23. The title of his paper is “Defining the Empire in a Music Print: The Novus thesaurus musicus (1568) between Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism.” 
    • Alumna Karen Uslin (Ph.D. 2015) spends the month of March in Sweden doing research at Uppsala University on a fellowship from the university.
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver spends a week at Baldwin Wallace University in March, as a visiting scholar and recipient of the Martha Goldsworthy Arnold Fellowship. While in residence, Dr. Weaver studies sixteenth-century partbooks held in the Riemenschneider Bach Institute and leads seminars on his research with students.
    • Ph.D. candidate Natalie Barsoum receives a $5000 grant from the Cosmos Club of Washington, DC, to travel to Paris to conduct research on her dissertation on song settings of Victor Hugo's poetry. The Cosmos Club also awards Natalie their Gerson Nordlinger Meritorious Award in the Arts. 
    • Alumnus Kevin McDonald (Ph.D. 2021) gives a presentation at the Jazz Education Network Conference in Dallas, Texas, January 5–8. The title of his presentation is "Hearing the American Civil Rights Movement in the Music of Max Roach."
    • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver contributes a chapter on music to the book Early Modern Court Culture, ed. Erin Griffey (London: Routledge, 2022), 506–17.

    Fall 2021

    • Dr. Sara Pecknold publishes the article "Madre d’Amore: Redemptive Motherhood in Barbara Strozzi’s Sacri musicali affetti (1655)," Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music 27, no. 2 (2021).
    • Catholic University is well represented on the program of the Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, with presentations by Dr. Andrew H. Weaver and alumni Kevin McDonald (Ph.D. 2021), Karen Uslin (Ph.D. 2015), and Flannery Jamison (B.A. 2019).
    • Ph.D. candidate Joy-Leilani Garbutt is interviewed for and quoted in an article that appears in the New York Times on November 2. The article is about organist Jeanne Demessieux, a subject of Joy's dissertation research.
    • Ph.D. candidate Tom Rohde gives a lecture titled "African and European Connections in Brazilian Choro" in the Choro Lecture Series at the Old Parish House of College Park, October 8. The lecture was recorded and can be watched on YouTube at this link.