The following policies regarding required recitals is in effect: Before a required recital may be performed, the student must first play a "Recital Hearing", with piano, for the String Committee at least 14 days before the date of the recital. The student should bring to the Hearing both a Hearing Form and a list of works on the program. In order for the Hearing to be passed, the student should have the entire program prepared at performance level. Only if the Hearing is passed by the Committee may the student perform the recital. Recital repertoire should include solo repertoire and/or unaccompanied Bach. Sonatas with piano are the only chamber music appropriate for a required recital. Any and all planned encores must be listed on the program for the Committee.

At the end of each semester all students (except those in the DMA program) must play a Jury for the String Committee. The Jury is grade is averaged 50/50 with the studio grade for the semester. Students are expected to arrange for and play with piano accompaniment in each Jury. The String Committee expects the student to perform at least one work by memory.

In general students are expected to be prepared for each lesson and to practice an average of at least 3 hours per day, except for unusual situations such as during the week of an opera production, or in the presence of impending physical injuries. Students are advised to manage their individual practicing in such a way as to promote and maintain health and well-being.