Entrance Requirements

After completing the general admission requirements to the Departments of Music, a student who wishes to major in vocal performance must successfully complete an entrance recital of approximately 60 minutes duration for a faculty committee. This should include, recital lieder, art songs, and contemporary works displaying vocal proficiency in at least three languages. Graduate credits in private music instruction apply toward degree requirements beginning with the semester during which the entrance recital is passed.

All entering graduate students in the Master of Music degree program in vocal performance must take the Music Theory Placement Examination and the Music History Placement Examination.

The student's undergraduate degree should be in vocal performance, although advanced standing will be considered as a result of private work.

Foreign language prerequisites include two semesters of undergraduate study in each of the following languages: Italian, French, and German, with a grade of B or better, taken at an accredited college or university as approved by the adviser and dean. In lieu of taking undergraduate courses, students who place into Italian 103, French 103, or German 103 on the university's Modern Language Test will be considered to have satisfied the prerequisite requirement in the given language(s).

Coaching is available for graduate vocal performance majors by request, in the semester in which a recital is scheduled. Further coaching is available with permission of the adviser. For this coaching, students pay the elective study (higher) private instruction fee. Each vocal performance major is expected to audition for all opera productions and actively participate as assigned by the vocal division. This may entail specific roles or participation in opera chorus as needed.

Graduation Requirement

A memorized solo public recital (MUS 902) of 70 minutes duration is required, to be presented following successful completion of a private hearing before a committee of the music school faculty. 

Minor in Latin American Music

Requirements listed above apply, with the following exceptions:

  1. Six semester hours of Latin American music electives replace Analytical Techniques I (three semester hours) and three semester hours of electives.
  2. A significant portion of the student's performance repertoire for juries and recitals must consist of music by Latin American composers.