Entrance Requirements

The student must meet the general requirements for admission to the Departments of Music. All entering graduate students in the Master of Music degree program in piano performance must take the Music Theory Placement Examination and the Music History Placement Examination.

Graduation Requirements

  1. A solo recital (MUS 902) of 70 minutes duration is to be publicly performed from memory after approval by the candidate's instructor and after private hearing before the recital committee, which may grant or withhold permission for public performance. In case of withholding permission, a second hearing will be granted after approval by the adviser of the program. Candidates should make application for committee hearings at least four weeks in advance of the proposed recital date.
  2. A concerto (MUS 943) from the standard repertory is to be memorized and performed publicly. The required concerto normally will be accompanied by piano. The securing of the accompanist is the responsibility of the soloist.
  3. A chamber music performance (MUS 943A), in a public concert, of a major work for piano with strings or winds will be scheduled with approval of the candidate's instructor in ensemble. Memorization is not required.

Minor in Latin American Music

Requirements listed above apply, with the following exceptions:

  1. The curriculum requires a total of 31 to 32 semester hours of credit.
  2. The three semester hours of Piano Pedagogy (or Seminar in Piano Technique) are replaced by two to three semester hours of Piano Pedagogy.
  3. Projects in the music of Latin America may be assigned or elected in the following curriculum areas: private piano instruction, piano literature, piano pedagogy, chamber music, and recital.
  4. Six semester hours of Latin American music electives replace four semester hours of electives (in music).
  5. A significant portion of the student's performance repertoire for juries and recitals must consist of music by Latin American composers