MUS 153, 154, 155, 156, 322, 323, 337, 338, 413, and 434 are offered on a rotational basis, and students may take these courses out of the sequence listed, if necessary. The required concerto normally will be accompanied by piano. The securing of the accompanist is the responsibility of the soloist.

A partnership has been established between the Levine School of Music and the Departments of Music. This partnership consists of the following:

  • Internships and Observations: Selected undergraduate and/or graduate students who are registered for 495A, Internship in Teaching Piano, and who are recommended by both Catholic University and Levine School of Music (LSM) faculty may be able to carry out their practice teaching at LSM. Full semester/academic year practice teaching assignments may include music sampler classes or individual lessons for scholarship students. Internship students will be required to do a final project related to the internship course, to be evaluated by a Catholic University faculty member. Opportunities for Catholic University students to observe teachers at LSM are possible.
  • Independent Study: Independent study projects in piano pedagogy for Catholic University registered students may be designed in collaboration with LSM. Reciprocal projects may be created for registered LSM students.

Music elective credits, when used as substitutes for music course credits, may be satisfied by either MUS or MUPI. In order for MUPI credits to count toward the degree, a jury is required.