Majors, Principals, Secondary

Fall Semester

  1. Jury presentation will consist of material prepared during the semester.
  2. No specific repertoire is required.
  3. Accompanist recommended but not required.

Spring Semester

  1. Three contrasting pieces. No specific length.
  2. Materials as recommended by the individual instructor.
  3. Accompanist required.

Memorization Requirements

Memory is optional except for scales.

Jury Accompanists

  1. Players must present at least two selections with piano accompaniment.
  2. Students are required to provide their own accompanist at the jury.

Technical Requirements

Through the junior year, all students will present technical materials: scales, arpeggios, etudes, etc. in addition to repertoire and as directed by instructor.

Please Note: The jury will be evaluated by a faculty committee. Committee grades will be averaged (50%) with the private instructor's grade (50%) to determine the final grade for the semester. In semesters where no jury takes place, the instructor's grade will constitute 100% of the final grade.

PhD Students: A jury is required of a PhD student taking private instruction as part of a Minor in Performance.