Composers Travel Diverse Paths Together

We are a community of composers, of instrumentalists, of singers, of conductors. Our musical backgrounds are diverse, yet all of us share the common purpose of creating and performing new music.

Our composers write operas, orchestral pieces, chamber music, choral works, song cycles, musicals, dance pieces, electronic music, and music for film.

Our composers perform as soloists, orchestral and chamber musicians, conductors, and singers.

Our composers collaborate with dancers, choreographers, actors, directors, visual artists, playwrights, architects and film-makers to create and present their work.

Our composers organize and administer concerts, festivals, and performances of their own work and that of their colleagues, both on campus and around Washington, DC.

Our community consists of undergraduate composition majors and minors, masters students with a Stage Music or Concert Music Emphasis, doctoral students, graduate students in Sacred Music with an emphasis in composition, non-majors who compose, and graduate composers pursuing a minor in Latin American Music.

In joining our community, you will find a place for yourself, and you will be engaged, welcomed, and challenged.

You will compose. You will innovate. You will learn. You will perform.

We invite you to explore composition at CUA, and wish you a happy journey!