Alessandra Cuffaro

Academic Area

  • Instrumental Music and Conducting
  • School

  • Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art
  • “...Extremely tenacious...she plays with great care for sound, and has an elegant finishing touch, and musical phrasing to which we have to add strength of communication and the strong technique that is required to play the 24 Capricci” A.Cantu', music critic, journalist and writer.

    “In her hands, the violin is transformed, becoming a creature pulsating with life...” G. Salvatori, music critic and journalist, RAI, Tg2, Cultura e Societa'.

    “...An inimitable performer of Paganini... shaping the music with a pure expression that gushes out from the soul and that conquers...”Prize “Le Arti” P. Amatiello, Roma, Sala della Protomoteca del Campidoglio.

    "A sublime interpreter of my music... and also of the music of others!" Franco Mannino

    “...Alessandra Cuffaro is one of the most complete and ingenious musicians of the Third Millennium...” N.Nula, art critic and journalist.

    She is the first woman in the history of Italian violinists to perform the most difficult virtuoso pieces ever written for violin, Nicolo' Paganini's 24 Capricci Op.1 in one concert.

    She graduated in only six years (rather than the regular ten) at the Corelli Conservatory under the guidance of L. Fusconi. Her studies continued at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena with R. Brengola, and with S. Girshenko (D. Oistrach's pupil), and B. Canino in numerous workshops. In Rome, she earned her second degree in Chamber Music from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory, with Marco Lenzi with the highest honors. She earned also the Artist Diploma at the University of Denver with Linda Wang.

    Alessandra has won many first-absolute prizes for her playing in national and international competitions. Her more than six hundred performances as soloist with orchestra, solo violin or chamber music, have been reviewed in American, Italian, Spanish, and French newspapers, radio and television. She plays alongside her husband, pianist and conductor Simeone Tartaglione, with whom she made many television appearances.

    Ms. Cuffaro has taught several master classes in Italy and in the US. She has played all the 24 Capricci 23 times around the world, among the most important cities New York, Rome, Madrid, Boston, Denver, Assisi, Leon, Mantua. In 2008 she was celebrated among the most important Italian American of the present generation, with the Cultural Award by ILICA Foundation in New York City for her Paganini performances. The motivation on the prize says:  

    “To have promoted the most authentic Italian culture around the world: unique like Paganini”

    In August 2009 she won the opening for one of the top violin positions in Italy, at the Palestrina Conservatory in Cagliari. In Nov 2011 she resigned to follow her husband in the United States and keep the family happily together.

    Currently she is a violin faculty at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and at The Music School of Delaware.

    She plays a wonderful Vincenzo Sannino 1914 known as “Il Violino Magico”.