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The bachelor's degree program includes at least 18 semester hours in music theory and six semester hours in music history. Any deficiencies must be made up in the first year. An original research paper on any musical topic is required as part of the application. The paper should demonstrate facility with scholarly sources, the ability to formulate an original argument, and solid writing skills. All entering graduate students in the Master of Arts degree program must take the Music Theory Placement Examination and the Music History Placement Examination.

Graduation Requirements

A thesis on some subject in the field of music history is required for completion of the degree. The candidate must pass one modern foreign language examination, typically German or French, or pass a reading course in that language. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination (MUS 698A w/classes; MUS 698B w/o classes) in the major field also is required. The student may schedule the comprehensive examination following the adviser's written approval. For more specific information about language requirements, thesis and comprehensive examinations, the candidate is referred to the section Master's and Licentiate Degrees found in the general section of the Announcements.

Minor in Latin American Music

Requirements listed above apply, with the following exceptions:

  1. Six semester hours of Latin American music electives replace music electives.
  2. Graduation requirements: the thesis topic must be in the area of Latin American music. The language requirement is waived.
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