Imagine. You, finding your academic stride; training for your first marathon; trying exotic foods, learning traditional dances, and seeing the world without leaving campus. Imagine. You, living and thriving at your fullest — mind, body, and spirit.

All of it is made possible with the help of trained, dedicated student service professionals at The Catholic University of America. Advisors, tutors, counselors, mentors, and legal experts. Someone who can help you manage a bout of anxiety, or navigate through the transitions of studying and living in the United States for the first time.

At The Catholic University of America, our goal is to see you reach yours, and we go to great lengths to help you overcome any challenge and realize every dream.

  • Student walking out of Ruth Lange Student Service Center

    Student Services

    At Catholic University, our greatest concern is your wellness and growth — mind, body, and spirit. Our team of well-trained professionals are committed to keeping you healthy and thriving.

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