Robert Skeris

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  • Musicology
  • Sacred Music
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  • Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art
  • Fr. Robert A. Skeris (Dr. Theology, Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms University, Bonn). ordained Roman Catholic priest 1961, was appointed adjunct professor and Director of the Centre for Ward Method Studies in the Departments of Music in 2000,  chairman of the Administration Committee of the Dom Mocquereau Fund in 2001. He has published widely on the theology of worship and of its music, hymnology, and Gregorian chant. His book Chroma Theou appeared in 1976, Divini Cultus Studium in 1990. His articles and reviews have been printed in journals foreign and domestic, in several languages,as well as in scientific Festschriften.

    Well known as a theology and church music educator, Fr Skeris served as Director of the Hymnology Section in the international Institute for Hymnological and Ethnomusicological Studies at Maria Laach/Germany, and Prefect of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music at Rome between 1978 and 1990. A founding member of the Church Music Association of America,  Fr Skeris was President of the organisation from 1996 to 2004, and edits the continuing series Musicae Sacrae Meletemata (5 vols. to date). In addition to his duties at The Catholic University of America, he has regularly been invited to lecture and teach master classes and summer courses in Portugal, Hungary and Lithuania.