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  • Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art
  • ESPERANZA BERROCAL holds a Master and Ph.D. in Musicology (Catholic University of America 2002) and a Piano Performance Degree (Grado Superior de Virtuosismo, Royal Madrid Conservatory 1991). As a specialist in Ibero-American music and native Spanish speaker she was a contributor (1996-2000) and Spanish Associate Editor (2002 and 2011) for the Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals bibliographical series. For the RIPM series she published annotated and keyword-in-context/author indexes for the following music journals: La Zarzuela and La España Artística (1856-57),  La Gaceta Musical Barcelonesa (1861-1865), Revista y Gaceta Musical (1867-1868), La Música Ilustrada Hispano-Americana (1898-1902), Revista Musical de México (1919-1920), Revista Musical (1927-2929), Antara (1930), Boletín Latinoamericano de Música (1935-1946), Revista Musical Peruana (1939-1941) and La Música (1948-1951).  In her area of expertise (Ibero-American Music 1900-1950) she has contributed articles to the New Grove Encyclopedia of Music and Revista Resonancias (Universidad Católica de Chile). In 2007 she was invited to contribute a chapter, “Ricard Viñes a l’Amèrica del Sud: un capítol inèdit en la biografia del pianista”, in the monograph Ricard Viñes. El pianista de les avantaguardes (Barcelona, Fundació Caixa Catalunya, Septemebr 2007).   Avid participant of the cultural life in Washington DC area she has been invited to introduce concerts at the Mexican Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Spain. Other areas of interest include preservation of the music patrimony and music education. She has been consultant for music projects by local organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank. For the last seventeen years she has been the correspondent for the Barcelona-based magazine Ópera Actual for which she has written over 200 articles covering the activities of the Washington National Opera and other local companies as well as interviews of internationally acclaimed singers Placido Domingo and Ermonella Jaho.