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  • Esperanza Berrocal (Ph.D. Catholic University of America, Piano Performance Degree, Madrid Conservatory) has been an adjunct professor of musicology at CUA since 2004. As a specialist in Ibero-American music and native Spanish speaker she has taught graduate courses covering the history of music in the Andes, Brazil, Central-America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Río de la Plata region. Currently Spanish editor and coordinator of the RIPM-series in Spain and Latin America (Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals,1800-1950, for which she has produced annotated catalogues and indexes of La Zarzuela (Madrid, 1856-1857), La España Artística (Madrid, 1857-1858), La Gaceta Musical Barcelonesa (Barcelona, 1861-1865), Revista y Gaceta Musical (Madrid, 1867-1868), La Música Ilustrada Hispano-Americana (Barcelona, 1898-1902), La Música (Havana, 1948-1951) and the Revista Musical de México (Mexico City 1919-1920) Other scholarly interests include the history of piano concert programming and opera. Her most recent publications include a chapter in Ricard Viñes: el pianista de les avantguardes (Barcelona, Fundació Caixa Catalunya: Institut Municipal d’Acció Cultural de Lleida, 2007). Has contributed articles to the Revised New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Revista Resonancias (Universidad Católica de Chile), and Inter-American Music Review, as well as notes for CDs (Naxos) and concert programs. She has been the Washington DC correspondent for the Barcelona-based magazine Ópera Actual since 2004.