The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, in full cooperation with the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Music Council, founded the Latin American Center for Graduate Studies in Music (informally called the Latin American Music Center, or LAMC) in 1984.

The LAMC aims to promote the study, research, and development of Latin American music. This includes compiling and maintaining a complete and specialized library of scores, books, and recordings of Latin American music and fostering the exchange of ideas among students, scholars, performers, composers, musicologists, and music educators.

The core of the LAMC collection is the music collection donated in 1984 by the Organization of American States (formerly Pan American Union) with a 2008 addition of the music collection from the Brazilian American Cultural Institute (BACI). Donations have been accepted from composers, performers, publishers and arts organizations and continue to be gratefully received.

The Music Catalog of the LAMC contains a brief listing of nearly 2,000 scores by Latin American composers, including both commercial publications and reproductions of composers' manuscripts provided by the composers themselves. The material is housed in the Latin American Center for Graduate Studies in Music and may be consulted there or in the Music Library.

In addition to the LAMC Music Catalog, a significant portion of books and scores with a Latin American focus are housed within the collection of the CUA Music Library and may be found in the WRLC Catalog.