The chief tenets of the Ward Method can be summarized in five points.
  1. The basic principle is that music is a fundamental element in the development of the intellect and the formation of character.
  2. The Ward Method correlates the study of music with the other subjects of the curriculum, with special attention to those aspects of music that foster appreciation of and participation in liturgical singing.
  3. Whilst the voice alone is the basis of the musical training imparted, foundations are laid for a deep and broad study of musical theory.
  4. The Ward Method consistently applies the pedagogical principle that the normal process of development is from content to form.
  5. The Method proceeds from germinal musical elements, through a series of easily graded developmental phases, toward the complex details involved in the artistic rendering of musical compositions

Consequently, a typical Ward lesson of some twenty minutes’ duration will contain these elements:

  • Vocal exercises (tone quality, timbre);
  • Intonation (eye and ear training, pitch);
  • Rhythm gestures and dictation;
  • Staff notation;
  • Original creative work oral and written;
  • Songs with and without words.