Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Applicants should prepare a 10-minute audition of three contrasting pieces of standard classical repertoire. Please call the Departments of Music if you need a clarification. Audition committees reserve the right to select audition pieces. An accompanist will be provided.

Graduate Audition Requirements

Master of Music degree programs
Applicants for M.M. degree programs in performance must present a 10-minute audition of three pieces in contrasting style, either in person or by CD.

Doctor of Musical Arts degree programs
Applicants for voice must present a 10-minute audition of three contrasting pieces of standard classical repertoire. This audition must be in person.

All applicants, regardless of degree program, who audition in person are considered for performance-based music scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the performance opportunities for students?
The voice program produces two major operas a year as well as numerous workshop performances. Many of our voice students also elect to audition for the musicals and occasionally straight plays produced by the drama department. Every voice major is required to perform two solo recitals: one half-hour junior recital and one hour-long senior recital.

Do musical theatre students take classical voice classes? Do classical students take musical theatre classes?
All students are assigned a private voice teacher upon arrival. While your lessons and instruction will be primarily classically based, you and your teacher may select varying styles to work on. If you wish to take a class, such as dance, you are welcome to do so (provided it fits in your schedule).

What is “open-studio”?
Catholic University offers a very unique opportunity referred to as open-studio. While you are assigned a primary private instructor, this gives you the opportunity to take lessons from another member of our voice faculty. This allows you further insight from a perspective other than your primary teacher.

How are students matched with their teachers?
During your first week of classes, our voice faculty will hear you sing again. Based on their assessment of your abilities and development, you will be placed with a teacher the faculty feels most appropriate. Requests for specific teachers are considered.

Is it possible to double major in Music Education and Voice Performance?
It is not possible to double major in Music Education and Voice Performance. If you are interested in music education it is advised you apply for the General Choral Music Education program with voice being your principle instrument. For further information in regards to this program track, please contact Dr. Sharyn Battersby.