Undergraduate students may, in consultation with their adviser and with approval of the dean, elect a music minor among the following: Minor in Composition, Minor in Conducting, and Minor in Piano. This may result in additional length of time required to complete the degree.

Minor in Composition

Students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with a major in an area other than composition may request permission to complete simultaneously a minor in composition.

Admission Requirements: The student must submit a portfolio of representative scores accompanied by recordings (if available) to the composition faculty of the Departments of Music. The composition faculty must approve the submitted scores before admission to a composition minor can be approved.

Minor in Conducting (Orchestral/Opera)

This curriculum is designed for music majors in the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts in Music programs who are orchestral or chamber musicians, voice majors, pianists, and composers. The program offers knowledge, techniques, and experience in the art and craft of conducting for those who wish to become more adept and expressive as conductors, who expect to conduct their own ensembles, or, as in the case of composers, their own musical creations. This curriculum is highly recommended for those students who aspire to become conducting majors in graduate programs. Preparation for auditions to graduate programs is considered in the curriculum.

Admission Requirements: Students interested in the Conducting Minor program should be permitted to enroll in a special section of Basic Conducting for instrumental, piano, voice, and composition majors during the second semester of the sophomore year while they are studying Harmony IV. The instructor of this special section of Basic Conducting will determine which students are accepted into the Conducting Minor program, based on their performance in this course.

Minor in Piano

Qualified students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree with a major in an area other than piano performance may request permission to complete simultaneously a minor in piano. Composition majors may pursue the Bachelor of Music in Composition with Minor in Piano.

Admission and curriculum requirements for that program are available in the music office. Undergraduate students pursuing other majors within the music school may request permission to pursue the program as described below.

Admission Requirements: Acceptance as a piano minor is granted following successful completion of a 10-minute audition of classical repertoire before a faculty committee of the music school. The audition should consist of three memorized pieces in contrasting tempos and styles.