We are currently not accepting applications to the MM in Vocal Pedagogy Musical Theatre with Pop/Rock Emphasis.

Entrance Requirements

The student's undergraduate degree should be in vocal performance, musical theatre performance, or music education with a choral emphasis. Applicants must demonstrate evidence of vocal proficiency in at least two of the following genres: classical, musical theatre, or pop/rock music. An audition is required in which candidates present a 10-minute audition of at least three (3) pieces in contrasting style, either in person or by video recording. Repertoire must include: a lyric, legato ballad, up-tempo song, and for those presenting musical theatre repertoire, a pre-1950 ballad.

Program of Study

This program is designed for the teacher of musical theatre and pop/rock vocal pedagogy. Coaching is available for graduate vocal pedagogy majors by request, in the semester in which a recital is scheduled.  Further coaching is available with permission of the adviser.  For coaching, students pay the elective study (higher) private instruction fee.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Successful completion of a memorized solo recital (MUS 936) of 60 minutes duration for a faculty committee is required.
  2. The candidate shall present to a faculty committee a research paper (MUS 937) on an aspect of vocal pedagogy. The paper shall be written under the guidance of the graduate adviser in vocal pedagogy and completed not later than four weeks before the end of the semester in which the student plans to graduate.
  3. Students must also successfully complete a final comprehensive examination (MUS 698A w/classes; MUS 698B w/o classes) in vocal pedagogy integrating material covered in pedagogy courses taken during the degree program. This comprehensive examination typically will be a written examination, though an oral segment may be required at the discretion of the graduate adviser.