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Entrance Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to the joint M.A. in Musicology/M.S.L.I.S in Library and Information Science degree program will be required to fulfill the admission requirements of the Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art offers a joint degree in music and library science. and the Department of Library and Information Science, as published in their current Announcements. Among the requirements for admission to the Departments of Music is the submission of an original research paper on any musical topic. The paper should demonstrate facility with scholarly sources, the ability to formulate an original argument, and strong writing skills. In addition, students will be required to take a Music Theory Placement Examination and to make up any deficiencies so identified by taking one or more graduate review courses before being admitted to graduate courses in music theory. All entering students must also take a Music History Placement Examination and make up any deficiencies with a graduate music history review course before being admitted to most graduate courses in music history. A student who is admitted to the M.S.L.I.S. program but not to the M.A. can choose to matriculate only in the Department of Library and Information Science; however, a student admitted only to the M.A. and not to the M.S.L.I.S. cannot matriculate in the Departments of Music without obtaining permission from the musicology faculty, which usually requires the submission of additional application materials.

Program of Study

The joint-degree program requires a total of 51 graduate semester hours of credit in the two disciplines: 21 hours in music and 30 hours in library and information science.

Graduation Requirements

The successful completion of a foreign language examination or successful completion of a reading course in a foreign language is required for the M.A. degree in music. Comprehensive examinations are required for both the M.A. and the M.S.L.I.S. degrees. The music comprehensive examination (MUS 698A w/classes; MUS 698B w/o classes) will include three hours in music history and one hour in analytical techniques. Degrees are awarded simultaneously upon completion of the requirements for both degrees. A student can choose to withdraw from the M.A. program and still receive the M.S.L.I.S. degree; however, a student who withdraws from the M.S.L.I.S. program cannot continue in the M.A. and must reapply for the M.A. program in musicology if he/she wishes to complete the degree.

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Known for art, culture, and theater, the city is a hub for new music, performances by world-renowned artists, and an abundance of venues where young musicians perform on a regular basis.

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